Do you feel sick or too tired after work to go to the local pharmacy? These are the most common cases when people strive to find an online pharmacy. Winnsboro Drug Store can make the delivery process as simple as possible. For your convenience, we answered the most frequently asked questions related to shipping and delivery. Please, check them out.

  • How do you deliver pharmaceutical products?

To meet the popular demand, when choosing the shipping partners, we paid attention to safety, quality, and speed. As of now, we work with Louisiana Post that can deliver your medications in a short time, and you can start your treatment immediately.

  • How will my package look like?

We send the products in unmarked, opaque boxes. There are no logos, brands, or any other text saying that the stuffing belongs to the category of pharmaceutical items. We value the right to remain confidential and do not want our customers to feel shy when receiving the box from the delivery man.

  • Do you do overnight deliveries?

Yes. But, keep in mind, additional shipping or handling charges may apply. Please, request in advance if you need overnight delivery.

  • Who need to sign for my medications when the package is delivered?

According to the law, a signature is a must. Make sure, you will be at home or at the place indicated in the delivery address. Otherwise, a package will be redirected to the nearest post, where you can pick it up later.

  • Who can pick it up from the post?

Again, it should be the person who ordered the medications. If you were not at home, a delivery man will leave the Delivery Notice Card to inform you about the pick-up location. When you are on the spot, provide the post officers with your government-issued ID.

  • I did not receive my order. What to do?

We give each client a tracking number for each package. If it does not show the location of the package, or there are any system hitches making this procedure invalid for a long time, we will reship the package for free.

  • I am on my vacation. How long my package will stay in the post office?

To avoid the risks connected with damaging of your package, or marking it as unnecessary, please do contact us, and we will redirect the inquiry to the local post office informing them that a person will pick it up in a selected period of time.

  • How do you deliver the items that require a refrigerator?

We have dedicated systems for handling such items. They are also sent within 2 business days.

For more information, contact our team by calling or emailing at 315 435 4311