Want to get more information about our services? Please overview of this page attentively, for your convenience we separated the interaction methods. Choose the preferred one, and let Winnsboro Drug Store assist you in your inquiries.


How can I contact the Winnsboro Drug Store?


In order to do this, please, send it be using our email, if you have the questions related to the next mentioned matters:

  1. You want to know about managing prescription online
  2. Want to transfer prescription
  3. Want to know when you will receive your package
  4. Request a refill
  5. Update personal information
  6. Want to join our programs


What If I urgently need to speak with your doctor or pharmacist when you are closed?


We know that questions or concerns happen during any time of the day. For this purposes, contact us at 315 435 4311, and choose to speak with a dedicated expert if you need help concerning:

  1. The occurrence of side effects
  2. Incorrect application of the drug
  3. Overdosing
  4. Interactions with other medications


I want to talk about privacy concerns. How can I contact you?


We strive to protect your personal information at all times. If you have concerns or recommendations on how to make us better, please send us an email at indicating the issue.


I have a question regarding my coverage. What should I do?


Please contact one of our team members via a designated form on the site, or again turn to email or number.


Where can I leave my complaint or offer?


We do understand that the sky’s the limit and we appreciate any feedback even the most negative one. Please use any form convenient for you, and let us call you back within a few minutes to find out the solution. An opportunity to improve services is a high priority.

If you want to communicate with our representatives via other interaction methods, for example using Skype or messengers, please refer first to our email, and we can discuss it with you. However, we believe that such interactions are not secure toward privacy. And, we cannot guarantee the safety of your data and messages, in particular. Meanwhile, communication through our website is fully protected from hacking or unauthorized access.