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Winnsboro Drug Store is one of the leading American online pharmacies that launched its services in 1970. Our mission from the very beginning until now is to make pharmaceutical products affordable for all social classes. To meet the popular demand faster, we shortened the path of drugs from manufacturers and suppliers to customers. By supporting such customer-oriented businesses, our company brings something more meaningful to the society than healthcare – we bring reassurance and relief from pharmacy bill burdens. Thus, we generated successful collaboration with distributors, that help us not only to set low and tantalizing prices but also to guarantee the authenticity of any products offered with us.

The price policy is not the last benefit we are pleased to share with our clients, alongside we regularly expand and replenish the range of medication, and we have in stock everything that may come in handy in patients when they experience ailments. On our site, you can find drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics, nutrition for sportsmen, motherhood products, contraceptives, bath and shower items, and many more. Keep in mind, such a wide range is fully documented and has designated licenses. All the medications are approved by the American Drug Administration.

Beware, even though we promote affordable treatment for different segments of the population, we do always insist on your previous consultation with a doctor. We try to make people aware of the prices, manufacturers, packaging, products but we are against the self-treatment.

Our Partners

Winnsboro Drug Store cooperates with trusted manufacturers, suppliers, medical assistants, accredited pharmacists, and insurance companies. With their help, we have fast access to high-quality products and receive all the related certificates to run our company. We truly value our short-term and long-term cooperation with any partners, and if you want to join the team of our friends, please do fill in an application form and we can meet the requirements of patients together.

Winnsboro Drugstore Team

When turning to consultation services with us, our dedicated staff provide clients with any details on the availability of drugs, their dosage, analogs, side effects. And, for your convenience, we arrange a regular or courier delivery option straightaway to your home or office. Besides, we organize seminars, courses, training for our team members to improve customer support and learn the latest trends in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

Our Values

Our values are based not only on providing the patients with a top-notch service but we are also demanding when hiring the staff.

We have a few pillars we firmly stay on, and any person turning to us for various purposes can face the next events:

  • Striving for ambitiousness. We do not have average goals and targets, only the ones edging with impossibility. Every day, we seek new opportunities to leave a smile on our clients’ faces, and their feedback whether positive or negative is another task for us to be proud of or fix it.
  • Professionalism. We want to be efficient compared to other online pharmacies. We do not hire pharmacists with doubtful degrees or who have no idea what is the difference between generic and brand drugs. Moreover, even if our team member is accomplished in drug administration, he is obliged to visit extra courses aimed to boost his experience. This is how we value your trust in us.
  • A transparent system of service. We do not hide the information on the pharmaceutical products, all details including the instructions, ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS, intolerance is whether posted with us online or delivered to the patient when he contacts the customer support.
  • Responsibility. Again, we always repeat the importance of the previous consultation with a doctor. It is a must to avoid the negative consequences, or severe reactions sometimes even death. We do care about the responsible application of medicines.
  • Positive attitude. We listen to each person, we try to find out the causes of one or another ailment or disorder, and we give recommendations on what he should stick to. From our side, you will only hear the motivated mood that aimed to help you deal with all the problems.

And, at last, we have consistent teamwork. In case, you do not like the pharmacist who is serving you, no stress we do understand everything. Ask for another expert, and one more team member will be ready to assist you.

Our Ethics

Winnsboro Drug Store follows the federal and nationwide legislation and regulations related to the drug administration and distribution of the pharmaceutical products, as well as internal regulatory and administrative documents dedicated to the healthcare activities. The mission of our service is the legit and openness of all the business processes. Thus, each employee of our pharmacy strictly adheres to the ethical principles specified in the Corporate Code.